Replacement Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Laptop Battery , One year warranty!

Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS  Series Battery

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Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Laptop Battery Replacement

Price: $US 79.99

14.8V Lithium-ion (li-ion) Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Battery 6600mAh ,Brand new Battery for Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Series One year warranty!

Note: Brand new, best replacement for the original Toshiba & Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Series Batteries . Full 1 year warranty!


Battery Features

Capacity: 6600mAh
Chemistry Li-ion
Volts: 14.8V
Net Weight: 725g
Dimension: 151.20x131.50x22.40 mm
Compatability: Guaranteed 100% Compatible

Fit Model

Satellite P20 Series
Satellite P20-101
Satellite P20-102
Satellite P20-103
Satellite P20-104
Satellite P20-107
Satellite P20-108
Satellite P20-134
Satellite P20-204
Satellite P20-221
Satellite P20-304
Satellite P20-311
Satellite P20-404
Satellite P20-504
Satellite P20-521
Satellite P20-531
Satellite P20-541
Satellite P20-552
Satellite P20-604
Satellite P20-761
Satellite P20-771
Satellite P20-801
Satellite P20-832
Satellite P20-842
Satellite P20-852
Satellite P20-932
Satellite P20-962
Satellite P20-973
Satellite P20-992
Satellite P20-S103
Satellite P20-S203
Satellite P20-S203F
Satellite P20-S303
Satellite P20-S304
Satellite P20-S404
Satellite P25 Series
Satellite P25-S507
Satellite P25-S508
Battery Code:

Battery warranty

We 100% guaranteed, Brand new, un-refurbished, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS Battery Pack with one year warranty. Li-ion Toshiba PA3291U-1BRS laptop batteries,a new spare external life for your PA3291U-1BRS Battery.This is replacement notebook battery for PA3291U-1BRS Series laptop which is a 6600mAh Li-ion Brand New battery.

Battery Tips

  1. On the first charge, your Toshiba laptop battery may indicate that charging is complete after a short period of around 15 mins. This is to be expected - simply remove the PA3291U-1BRS Series Laptop Batteries from the laptop and repeat the charging procedure.
  2. You should then use your laptop - WITHOUT the assistance of mains power, until the PA3291U-1BRS Series battery completely runs down. it is very important .
  3. Repeat the above procedure around 4 times in total over the course of the next few days - make sure you allow you Toshiba pavilion Battery sufficient time to get a full charge, normally an overnight charge will suffice.
  4. When the laptop Battery is fully conditioned, the battery charger indicators and LEDs on your laptop and charger will work reliably. Also - as the battery will be taking on much more charge, the total charge time will be longer.

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